Przetwórstwo Drzewne Drew-Partners is engaged in production ecological decorations for the garden and home. Proecological products made exclusively from natural materials such as twigs of birch, hazel, willow, wicker and straw - perfectly fit in with the decor of your house and garden. We offer:

Birch broom is a traditional product produced for hundreds of years, the perfect fit for the garden as a decoration or to the streets for cleanup work. Wicker baskets, such as wicker, baskets, fireplace baskets, balls, wicker, wicker decorations Products made of birch: wreaths birch, birch twigs, braids, flower pots Products from hazel, hazel fences, wicker mats. Feeders for birds: nesting boxes, bird feeders Products for individual orders: create new patterns of articles individually under your thought.

For over 20 years we meet the expectations of our partners by offering them the highest quality products and easy and timely delivery. We operate on the market throughout the European Union. If you are interested, please contact us any queries or concerns please contact us at our email. We invite you to a closer acquaintance with Przetwórstwo Drzewne Drew Partners

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